Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cha-cha, ang bagong baranggay dance step!

The signature drive for a petition to change the Philippine Constitution is on! Run to your nearest baranggay hall to get your free merienda!

If you ask me, they should have stuck to the original plan below. It doesn't cost as much and it gives the First Gentleman something to do in between Manny Pacquiao fights.

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Blogger Rey said...

hahaha... this is funny. Talking about under da saya and all of that.

Your gloria drawing seem to be a familiar cartoon character to me... I just can't pinpoint which cartoon.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Robby Villabona said...

There are several candidates (in order of likeness):

1. Hello Kitty
2. Charlie Brown
3. Those tiny, white, forrest ghosts in PRINCESS MONONOKE

7:50 PM  

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